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    Louisville Fury Volleyball

    Phone: 502-548-6638

    Fury Scholarship Fund

    Press ReleaseFury Scholarship Fund

    Louisville, Kentucky (January 23, 2020): Louisville Fury, LLC has partnered with The Compassion Fund, Inc., a Louisville based non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization to create a Fury Scholarship Fund. The purpose of this fund is to provide financial assistance to Fury volleyball players and their families, in times of unforeseen hardship circumstances. The initial scholarship submission due date is Friday, January 31, 2020. The application and guidelines can be found online at

    2020 Coaching Staff

    Louisville Fury 2020 Coaching Staff

    18 Smack  - Nolan Mattingly, Teddy Kleffner

    18 Orange - Kerrie Robinson-Owens,  Sarah Campbell

    17 Smack - Troy Walsh, Alex Walsh

    16 Smack - Ward Lotze, Brad Curtis, Matthew Smith

    15 Smack - Josh McDonald, Austin Snider

    14 Smack - Jeremy Snider-Hayes, Anthony Campisano

    14 Orange - Greg, Brey,  Tyrell Jamison

    13 Smack - Serena Haming, Alisha Mitchell

    Local Coaches - Larry Newton, Skylar Wood

    Recruiting Coordinator/Fury Beach - Craig Shellman

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