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Fury Inclement Weather Policy

By ward , 11/11/19, 5:45PM EST


Here is Louisville Fury’s policy concerning inclement weather.  We will not base our judgment off a forecast, so we will wait to make decisions until we actually SEE the weather in action.  Please refer to this policy when making personal decisions for you and/or your family.

  1. Families should make their own decisions regarding practice based on the driving conditions in their area, and who will be driving. If you feel the driving conditions are unsafe for the individual driving to practice, please notify your head coach immediately.
  2. The coaches will note on your attendance record if you miss due to weather. 
  3. In the rare case Louisville Fury decides to cancel club activities, Fury will communicate cancellations as follows:
    1. Cancellation notice will be posted on the Fury website (venue status feed located above), as well as the Fury Facebook and Twitter page.  
    2. A Director will notify the Head Coaches or team coordinator of the cancellation.
    3. Head Coaches or team coordinators will send notification to their respective team (including their assistants).

Reminder:  Facebook & Twitter will only be updated if conditions change. As always if you feel it is unsafe to travel, please use your own judgment.




Revised 11-15-18